Wall stickers

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Bright ideas for how to design your living room, bedroom or kitchen with wall stickers.
Wall decal for true horse lover: big-size wall sticker (also for furniture!) with breathtaking black horse
Wall stickers for kitchen have to bring not only good appetite, but also good mood. Like this one!
Wall stickers with elephant theme - check out other patterns with animals. All bimago stickers are made of high quality materials and printed in HD
You do not need wall stickers extra large size to achieve breathtaking effect - just check out those fragile wall decal with poppies in red living room!
Wall stickers that look like furniture are the hottest trend in home decor! Just remember not to hung cups on this kitchen shelves! :)
Just imagine how amazing wall stickers like paint look on actual wall! Make creative splash! in your home and enjoy energetic decor
Less is more! Scandinavian design with minimalistic wall stickers - personalize its colour and create amazing look
Where to find amazing wall stickers? In bimago, of couse! Over 1 000 wall decals for bedroom, livingroom or nursery are waiting for your to enrich your apartment's look
Wall sticker with owls, butterflies and other cuties - how perfect for colourful baby room and nursery!
Plant motifs are one of many wall stickers for a bedrooms. Check out other wall decals on bimago page!
Wall stickers that look like windows - trompe l'oeil in bimago. Add original look to living room with illusion of sunny meadow!
Looking for christmas wall stickers? This artistic christmas tree would be amazing living room decor all year long!
Wall decal "Home sweet home" - one of wide collection of wall stickers with quotes and inscriptions.
Where to buy wall stickers online? Try bimago! Trendiest patterns, vivid colours and useful home decor ideas - all in one place. Do not wait, check out :)
Awwwwwwwwwwww! Owl wall stickers - so sweet! Nursery with adorable owl forest - wall decal available in different colours and sizes.
Thistle can be as decorative as every else flower. Just look at this wall sticker ♥