Henry VIII

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Portrait of King Henry VIII 1491-1547 c.1590 1590c.

This portrait is one of a number of similar ''corridor'' works taken from Hans Holbein''s momentous picture of Henry VIII executed in 1537. The image of the King, initially devised for a wall painting in the Privy Chamber at Whitehall featured the monarch in a renaissance pose that derived from Donatello''s depiction of St. George. It is believed that at the time of its inception this representation of the King was intended for duplication and utilisation as an official image. Certainly it…

Henry VIII | Changed the course of England with his lust.

Henry VIII succeeded his father, Henry VII as the second Tudor monarch. Henry’s six wives and marriages were driven as much by a need for sons as infatuation. In order. his wives were Catherine or Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard and Katherine Parr. Two ended by execution, and ultimately caused a schism with Rome and the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Parliament proclaimed Henry head of the Church in England (later Church of England).

Detail from “Henry VIII’s First Interview with Anne Boleyn”

Detail from Henry VIII’s First Interview with Anne Boleyn by Daniel Maclise, c.1835

George V in Garter Robes by Charles Sims

(c) National Galleries of Scotland; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

'Queen Elizabeth I Ring, C. 1560' Photographic Print | Art.com

About This Piece Queen Elizabeth I Ring c Found in the collection of the Chequers Estate Travel Art Art is the best way of seeing the world when travel isn’t possible. Explore our curation of travel art for a trip around the globe. See from tourist favorites landmarks–the Eiffel tower– to hidden gems like the breathtaking landscapes of Yosemite National Park. Product Details The Print This photographic print leverages sophisticated digital technology to capture a level of detail that is…

King James I of England and VI of Scotland

by Unknown artist, oil on panel, circa 1590

Henry VIII, 1530s

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A hymn of Anne Boleyn’s heart - Olivia Longueville A poem tribute on the anniversary of Anne Boleyn's death

Here is a poem written in Renaissance style about Anne's thoughts in different moments of her life. My poem is a mixture of real and alternate history, featuring the Anne/Henry VIII and the Anne/Henry Percy pairings.

King Henry VIII Photo: Lady Margaret Beaufort, grandmother of King Henry VIII

Photo of Lady Margaret Beaufort, grandmother of King Henry VIII for fans of King Henry VIII 7016558

Hans Holbein the Younger – King Henry VIII – High Resolution

Hans Holbein the Younger Painting of King Henry VIII of England in his later life. Painted in approximately 1540 A.D.

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“Greenwich Palace (or the Palace of Placentia) was the birthplace of Tudor monarchs Henry VIII and Elizabeth I”

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Old masters. Beautiful painting Details

Автор - lomovolga . Это цитата этого сообщения Old masters. Beautiful painting Details \5\ lomovolga Girl with a Pearl Earring detail, 1665, Mauritshuis, The Hague, Johannes Vermeer Corelli *Sonate 5 in G minor 4 для скрипки и клавесина.Vivace* Rembrandt, Harmensz van Rijn Artemis,…

Elizabeth I- Pelican Portrait

by Nicholas Hilliard. In this portrait of the queen, aged about 41, she is treated almost like a religious icon. Elaborate symbolism and rich detail show off her status and royal qualities. Her figure is stylised and her face mask-like. She is shown against a flat background with little attempt to convey spatial depth. The mother pelican on her brooch is a traditional Christian symbol of Christ's sacrifice. It was believed that the pelican fed her young with her own blood. Here such a symbol…

King Henry VIII

Final Dimensions (width x height): 18" x 24" Item #1348031

Henry VIII (1491–1547)

As the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession is coming up (due in 2009), I decided to create a group about this controversial monarch. A place for all images relating to Henry VIII, king of England and Ireland (1491-1547, reigned 1509-1547). Alongside breaking from the Catholic Church and establishing himself as ‘the only Supreme Head on earth of the Church of England’, Henry is also remembered for his conflict with France and Scotland, his passion for construction; his patronage of…