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a man is working on an outdoor structure
How to Build a Gable Roof over a Front Door
a wooden post sitting on top of a sidewalk
12 DIY Backyard Ideas for Patios, Porches and Decks • The Budget Decorator
a wooden deck with steps leading up to a potted plant on the back porch
Jordgubbar med mjölk: Trappa
the front porch of a house under construction
Cedar Columns, Lighting, and Stained Stairs
cedar columns - will only cost around $150 to make 3 to update my 1970's porch
the front porch of a white house with wood trimmings and two ceiling fans
The Farmhouse: A Tour of the Outside
Ten June: The Farmhouse: A Tour of the Outside. Our front porch with "haint blue" painted ceilings and rustic wooden columns. All sources in post! Sherwin Williams paint.