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an astronaut sticker is hanging from the side of a table
several bottles of shampoos and body washes on shelves
SCHAUMA on Behance
an aspina credit card is attached to the back of a metal table top
an in - store display with canned food on the shelf and people shopping behind it
a large coffee mug with food on it in the middle of a grocery store aisle
a chocolate candy bar on top of a red stand with an egg in the middle
maltesers - Display Stand
maltesers - Display Stand on Behance
people shopping in a grocery store with alcohol on the shelves and an ad for lemon drop
Шелфстопперы в Санкт-Петербурге: дизайн и изготовление
Шелфстопперы в Санкт-Петербурге: дизайн и изготовление
three corona beer bottles on display in a grocery store with the caption corona let yourself summer
Corona Light-Beer Table-Top Display
three ice cream buckets with the names mars and bounfy
a red and white box filled with chocolates on top of a wooden floor next to a table
12 Point of Purchase Displays (POP) That Rock
a monster energy drink in front of a box
Monster Energy POP Display
three boxes of ariel deter sitting on top of a shelf
a grocery store display with gro products for sale
Robot Food create new Vegan Brand GRO for Co-op - World Brand Design Society
several jars of mayonnaise are on display in a grocery store, with the sign saying nivea next to them
two large white and blue plastic containers with water on the bottom one is open to show how it's made
two large bottles of juice are on display in a grocery store, one is yellow and the other is green
an electric toothbrush is shown in front of a magnifying mirror with the reflection of it
Elmex stand for toothpaste
Elmex stand for toothpaste on Behance
pepsi soda bottle opener with open your pepsi now sign on the front and back of it
an image of a coca cola bottle with the caption available here on it's side
Coca Cola POSM 3D Model Shop with Complete Branding
two packages of deep fried food are hanging from a metal rack on a table top