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Przemek Bieniasz

Przemek Bieniasz
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Rare Photographs Of Marilyn Monroe Go On Display In London

Monroe's collaborations with photographers Milton H. Greene and Douglas Kirkland produced some of the most iconic images of her career.

Make a Crystal Radio During WWII GI's made crystal radios using a razor blade, safety pin, etc.

How to Make a Crystal Radio - I've made several and they do work if you use crystal earphones and roll the coil on a toilet paper roll and have a fairly good ground (water pipes work well).

Use a framing square to draw a perfect circle:

Draw a circle with a square - Tack two nails to set the diameter you want, then rotate a framing square against the nails while you hold a pencil in the corner of the square. Rub a little wax on the square so it slides easily.