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Macrobiotic diet foods - Dr. Axe

If you're considering moving to a plant-based diet, consider a macrobiotic diet. What is a macrobiotic diet?

Moss....... with a tiny fern..i love this idea...for any room in the house…

Perfect combination of an old pot and a stunning glass cover – joined together for a moss-based garden terrarium. The author says that the glass is only added when the small moss garden is on display.

First glimpse of the #orchidshow Patrick Blanc's Vertical Gardens!

First glimpse of The Orchid Show: Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens, which opens to the public at The New York Botanical Garden on Saturday, March And the making of the show:

Orchid Wall @ New york Botanical Garden by Patrick Blanc

Orchid Wall @ New york Botanical Garden by Patrick Blanc.a way to display all the Orchids.Vanda's etc that grow beautifully in Florida.also good way to display all the African Violets and trailers.

LmQb3cD.jpg (646×646)

LmQb3cD.jpg (646×646)