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Como desenhar braços e pernas

So asked for a leg drawing tutorial. SO here ya go girl! Have fun! Hope this helps other people too! Sorry for the kinda crummy quality I did it pretty quick and on my computer, which I'm not that . <-- pinning for the tutorial 😁

「ついったにてフォロワーさんをイメ」 キヨアキ | 創作イラストコミュニケーションサイト GALLERIA[ギャレリア]

I only love eyes bc there verry pretty and I wanna put them in a jar

Step 2. How to Draw Easy Dragons

Step Learn How to Draw Easy Dragons FREE Step-by-Step Online Drawing Tutorials, Dragons, Draw a Dragon, Fantasy free step-by-step drawing tutorial will teach you in easy-to-draw-steps how to draw "How to Draw Easy Dragons" online.

artist-refs: Fantasy horn ref by Law-of-Murph ----------------- The different styles and angles I think helps a lot when trying to pick what type you want to use.

fefbutts: “artist-refs: “Fantasy horn ref by Law-of-Murph ” *homestucks furiously reppining this for reference * ”