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a bathroom with measurements for the toilet and sink
two drawings showing the layout of a bathroom and bedroom
Bathroom design services
a drawing of a bathroom with a toilet and bathtub in it, along with measurements
a drawing of a toilet with the seat up and hose attached to it's side
a drawing of a bathroom with two toilets and three stalls
Rolstoel toegankelijke toilet
the floor plan for a bathroom with two sinks and a toilet in each corner,
WC Planning
a bath room with a tub a sink and some cups on the floor next to it
Progettazione, installazione e certificazione impianto idraulico Torino
#Impianti_elettrici e #idraulici. #L'Impresa_Edile si occupa di #Progettazione, #Ristrutturazione, #Nuove_Costruzioni, #Impianti, #Decorazioni, e #permessi per #ristrutturare #Casa #chiavi_in_mano.
a drawing of a sink and mirror with measurements for the height, width, and length
Standard Toilet Dimensions To see more Read it👇
three different views of a bathroom sink and shower