Want to master manual mode and get beautiful photos straight from the camera? In this Pretty Presets Video Tutorial, learn to use manual mode to achieve perfect exposure. >>> Read more tips about digital camera by visiting the link on the image.

Mastering Manual Mode (Free Video Webinar)

Click here to watch a replay of our incredible Mastering Manual Webinar. You will learn how to take great photos IN-CAMERA and become a better photographer!

Steps to taking great silhouette shots.still need to do Steps to taking great silhouette shots.still need to do this! Father Daughter Photos, Dad Daughter, Mother Daughters, Father Daughter Photography, Daughter Quotes, Children Photography, Photography Poses, Family Photography, Kreative Portraits

6 Steps to Creating a Silhouette | Click it Up a Notch®

I used to think that silhouettes were way harder than they are! Silhouettes are super easy as long as you keep a few things in mind. Plus they are fabulous for a subject who doesn’t want to smile or look a the camera!! Read: 10 Incredibly Easy Tips to Take Silhouette Photos 1. Get down […]

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Different Life♦️Tom Holland

*opis w budowie* Śliczną okładkę wykonała: xbarnes_ ❤️❤️

Princesa DISNEY - Vivircongusto

¡Nunca vi mirar con tanto amor! ¡Que suerte teneros! — Princesa DISNEY […]

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Imagens ♡

Quer fotos para sua capa? ou até mesmo para o celular? então você veio ao lugar certo. Se gostar de alguma imagem e quer ela como capa de livro pode pedir no meu outro livro "Capas Aqui" que eu farei com a foto escolhida. Quer dar sujestao de imagens? Só comentar ficarei feliz em posta para você

Heartbroken Photographer Captures Special Bond Between Fathers and Their Children

Heartbroken Photographer Captures Special Bond Between Fathers and Their Children

This is a touching story of a long-ago 6-year-old girl who lost her father in the worst way possible. Today she’s an aspiring photographer, guided firmly by her raw emotions. Gabriele talks about her…

Annual family photos on my childhood farm - Somewhere Slower

Annual family photos on my childhood farm - Somewhere Slower

Every summer, photographer Sara Welch comes over to my dad’s farm — the place where I grew up — andread more Annual family photos on my childhood farm

Family Photography The perfect Father’s Day gift – a family session to capture father daughter memories like this one!

Long Bridge Park Family Photos | Rachel E.H. Photography

I love getting to work with clients multiple times, to document the joyful events in their lives. Such was the case with these Long Bridge Park family photos

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10 Cosas que NO quieres que lleguen jamás cuando eres el PAPÁ de una niña

La mayoría los papás establecen una relación más especial de cariño, comprensión y complicidad con sus hijas. Se convierten en modelos importantes de confianza y aceptación que las ayudarán a crecer como mujeres más seguras de sí mismas. La adolescencia es en una etapa en la que sus dudas comienz

Top 25 Unique Little Girl Photography Ideas - ABC of Parenting Father Daughter Photography, Father Daughter Photos, Little Girl Photography, Family Photography, Mother Daughters, Children Photography, Photography Ideas, Cute Family, Baby Family

13 Gifts For New Dads That Are Totally On Point

The best gifts for new dads remind them that they're still cool (somewhere, deep down) while also catering to their new lifestyle.

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Flashing Lights ||kris bryant|| - 2.7

Young three year old Emma runs away from her abusive father and towards the bright flashing lights. Kris hits a wall off grand slam and basks in the glory by trotting around the bases. ******** Closing my eyes, I slowly drift off to sleep in the warmth of the strange car. "I just want a family." "Later Rizzo." Kris mutters as he walks towards his car. "Really man again? Why do I always forget to lock my car."

A Letter To The Father Who Left

I never knew how to start this. I guess it's taken me years to even think about writing it at all. Fifteen long years.It's weird to me how I remember most, but other times my brain has blocked out to keep me from reliving it all. Honestly, I don't remember what I ate for breakfast the other day, but...