Bożena Gawracz

Bożena Gawracz

Bożena Gawracz
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"GrowYourOwn" seed packaging concept by sAdam Paterson and Santi Tonsukha, students from the Royal College of Art Industrial Design Engineering. The design includes bulb bags, resealable seed packs and seed tape for equally spaced seeds.

Our variety pack of BloomPucks contains one tube of each of our BloomPucks lines - a great gardening gift for that special someone   #bloompucks #earthwormtec #bedazzle

We've repurposed food and wood waste, converted it into premium organic vermicompost to create BloomPucks for you! A great gift for that special someone

“おそら”の梅干し、薬草茶 Not sure what's inside but I love the simplicity of this #packaging PD

“おそら”の梅干し、薬草茶 Not sure what's inside but I love the simplicity of this PD - Inspiré des furoshiki ?

Absolutely adore this. I've always had lovingly long term relationship with brown paper and ink.

Instantly, I knew it was chipotle. Great job on branding, Chipotle. I don't know how you did it, but somewhere, in that font and design of yours. there is something very Chipotle written all over it.

Nice rice #packaging for Trader Joes PD

Concept packaging for Trader Joe’s rice. Focused on reflecting Trader Joe’s organic and eco-friendly qualities while complimenting their quirky design style. Designed for easy-opening and mess-free pouring. Designed by Elizabeth Vornbrock (Enspired).

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