Marta Bogaczyk (Bernacka)

Marta Bogaczyk (Bernacka)

Marta Bogaczyk (Bernacka)
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David Bowie. No matter the era, he’s always fashionable. Androgynous Rocks!

David Bowie Even in a college full of people looking to express themselves in the most over-the-top ways possible, Jack stood out by being understated. He seemed to have a way of being noticed when he wanted, and subtly dismissed when he wanted privacy.

Unknown Artist, detail from the Hungry Ghosts Scroll, late 12th century. The “Hungry Ghosts Scroll” is located at the Tokyo National Museum.

Gaki Zoshi Scroll of the Hungry Ghosts. Greedy and lustful in their previous life now with swollen bellies, tiny mouths and insatiable hunger. Searching in a graveyard for garbage, fresh corpses or human excrement.

jikininki | Zealotry of Guerin: The Jikininki (Heian Period Scroll), Sonnet #169

Scene from the Gaki Zoshi (Scroll of the Hungry Ghosts) at the Tokyo National Museum