That is sooo COOL! We <3 it!!   Let the Birds upcycle your yarn for nests!

WHAT A GOOD IDEA! Yarn scraps can provide Birds a colorful nesting material. Fill a suet feeder (from a feed store) with yarn scraps and hang for all the birds in your neighborhood to enjoy!

Wood Pallet Herb Garden

Use an old pallet to make a vertical herb garden! Cheap, easy and beautiful! Just make sure to find out how the pallet was treated so you're not planting in harmful chemicals! And- u can write the name of the herbs on the wood!

recycled pallet for the garden! <3

Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden - Very little room on your urban porch or backyard? How about maximizing the space you have by growing up? I'll be using a pallet sitting in my back yard to plant garden center annuals or possibly native succulents.


Plastic Bottles Garden

This plastic bottle vertical wall was created by Brazilian design team Rosenbaum. As part of a drastic home makeover project in the outskirts of San Paulo, the garden features both flowers and herbs.

Reuse your Wine Boxes!

Put together a crate garden. This idea is great for people who don't have a lot of outdoor space to start a garden. Get the details on how to make a wine box garden here or a crate garden here.


Love the idea of illuminating a backyard with mason jar candle holders hanging from trees - cute to light the way for the long outdoor reception


"Hanging Jars & Spoon Hangers: A fun DIY project to put glass jars to good reuse and hang them from old spoons (It would also be a cute idea to train vines along.

We <3 this upcycle idea, don't you?   'Bomba' pendant light made from de-commissioned propane tanks

lighting // 'bomba' pendant light made from de-commissioned propane tanks [ fugitive glue ]


Recycled Newspaper Waste Basket 'NEWS' is the name of the latest waste paper basket created by the young & extremely creative duo, Cláudi.

Reuse! There are so many cool ideas!

Cute idea for a baby shower decoration - new way to decorate the front door. Definitely needs to be for a springtime baby shower. Perhaps April or May - april showers bring may flowers?

Perfect idea for upcycling your old ladder into a drying rack for HERBS!! We <3 it a lot!!

rustic ladder herb dryer I have this ladder and the herbs to dry ! I can make this ladder.


Tutorial: Quick and Pretty Junk Mail Gift Bow

michele made me: Tutorial: Quick and Pretty Junk Mail Gift Bow.instead of junk mail, use left over wrapping paper, or left over wall paper, or.


DIY Chair made from an old suitcase. DIY Chair made from an old suitcase. DIY Chair made from an old suitcase.