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Rafał Betnarski

Rafał Betnarski
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Road To Baja – Documentary

Road To Baja - Documentary - Silodrome

Gobi desert, Mongolia.  On Bmw 1200Gs Adventure.  Wild.

Hans had waited all afternoon for the rest of the group to turn up. Surely he couldn't have got the directions wrong? Really, how big could the Gobi desert be?

Man riding motorcycle in Easter Bunny costume gets pulled over for best Easter photo ever.

Biker dressed as Easter Bunny pulled over by California officers - U. News. Thank God they only gave him a warning! The officer stated that his head obstructed his view of traffic. I love the helmet attached to his head, very classic!

The Atlantic Road, Norway ..

The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway. I MUST go to Norway (eventually) and experience this amazing road … but not during a storm. Norway is a totally fascinating place. (there are several more photos of the Atlantic Ocean Road on this board)