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an elf sitting on top of a rock next to a candle and a sign that says santa says no pad to day
50 ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Ideas That’ll Make You Laugh Or At Least Admire People’s Creativity
an elf reading a book with the caption best elf on the shelf idea ever
Elf on the Shelf Faith
What a wonderful "additional" way for young children to reaffirm prayer in the home!
an elf's face is peeking out from behind a pink flower in a vase
100 Hilarious Elf on the shelf ideas to cherish the sweet Smile on your Kid's Face - Hike n Dip
elf on the shelf ideas
an elf is sitting in front of a sign that says i'm back please, open the door
December 1st Elf on the shelf
an elf is sitting in the driver's seat of a car with a note attached to it
a glass jar with an elf in it next to a sign that says, dad farted i'm hiding from the smell it's safe in here
40 Times People Took ‘Elf On The Shelf’ To Another Level And Shared The Ideas In This Facebook Group
a red and white striped elf holding a star next to a sign that says i was chilly so i decided to wrap up
a christmas tree decorated with elf hats and ornaments
100+ BEST Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Will Make You Blush - RecipeMagik
a tv that is sitting on top of a wooden entertainment center with tape taped around it
Nisse, Jul, Noel, The Elf, Fle
bathroom jokes
three elfs sitting on top of toilet paper rolls
100 EASY Elf Ideas with Pictures