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Crystals | ... Crystal Recipes - Instructions for Growing Naturally Colored Crystals

Copper sulfate crystals are among the easiest and most beautiful crystals that you can grow. The brilliant blue crystals can be grown relatively quickly and can become quite large. Here's how you can grow copper sulfate crystals yourself.

Make your very own MINI CRYSTAL GARDEN with this free download from Animal Jam Academy. Have fun growing and tending to some cool crystals! Keep exploring and PLAY WILD!

Today's AJ ACADEMY experiment teaches Jammers how to make their very own CRYSTAL GARDEN! Crystals are beautiful formations and can be found all throughout Jamaa

Cat wheel moves! <a href="http://www.catwheel.net" rel="nofollow"…

Cats Toys Ideas - looloo The slant wall - I think Ill build one. once we leaned a queen size mattress against a wall and our cat just walked up the side - it was so weird and funny looking! - Ideal toys for small cats