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a small crocheted doll is standing on a wooden table with a white wall in the background
Crocheted Set Clothes for 5 inch Berenguer Itty Bitty OOAK Cup Cake Doll
the doll is wearing a dress and hat
Фото 834652135868 из альбома Хвастушки! Вязанной одежды для кукол. Смотрите в группе Испанские куклы PAOLA REINA. Магазин "Моя Кукла" в ОК
a baby doll wearing a red dress and white socks with her hands on her hips
110 Ideas De Ropa Tejida Para Bebe En 2021 FF3
a baby doll wearing a red and brown outfit
Designs by Amy Carrico
a doll with long black hair wearing a green dress and white bow in front of pink flowers
Dolls & Doll Playsets without Vintage for sale | eBay