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Gong Fu Cha teapots! Exquisite!  rows of teapots at MingCha tea house, hong kong

rows of teapots at MingCha tea house, hong kong

wanderthewood: Traditional arabic tea with dry madjool dates and rock sugar nabot by Speleolog

Traditional Arabic Tea with dry Madjool Dates & Rock Sugar Nabot by Speleolog.

Welcome to the ELITE COLLECTION...

Ripened Gushu Pu Erh tea cake made from 1000 year old tea trees.

Welcome to the ELITE COLLECTION...

Welcome to the ELITE COLLECTION...

Tea time around the world. Because tea connects us and makes the world go round.

Teapots (Nouvelles Images) by katya.

Ela me chamou p/ tomar um chá, chá das Deusas . "Thie Aves Thiatlô Lom, Manrô Tai Sunkai!" Optchá Dai querida! 1 maracujá 1 maçã pequena 10 colheres de açúcar 1 litro de água 4 pauzinhos de canela 4 cravos Caramelizar o açúcar (não deixar queimar, apenas fiar amarelinho) e em seguida colocar a água. Mexer até o açúcar dissolver e colocar os outros ingredientes. Deixe ferver por 10 a 15 minutos. Serve para entrar em sintonia com nossas verdades.

ensphere: Breakfast with tea and chcolate cookies (by The Little Squirrel)

Local Milk | herbalism for pregnancy + moon mother elixir: ginger kombucha + rose + hibiscus herbal infusion

Herbalism for Pregnancy + Moon Mother Elixer: Ginger Kombucha+Rose+Hibiscus Herbal Infusion - Local Milk

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The tea ceremony is a well-known ritual, but as you probably have seen it is also a value to the Chinese culture.

Tea in British Isles | Photo by Anna Williams

The British Isles. Photos: Tea Rituals Around the World

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