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Zbigniew Rochowski

Zbigniew Rochowski
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Wax extractor by David Heaf

Researching: solar-powered beeswax extractors - Milkwood: permaculture courses, skills + stories

Tapping walnut and birch trees:  "birch sap...requiring 150-200 gallons of sap to yield a gallon of syrup....Its intense fruity molasses flavor means birch is unlikely to replace the mighty maple as a pancake syrup, but it does appeal to creative chefs for use in marinades and other culinary treats....As for walnut syrup, the delicacy could easily forge a place of honor on the breakfast table..."It tastes very much like a lighter maple syrup, with nutty butterscotch overtones,"..."

Tapping walnut and birch trees: "birch sap.requiring gallons of sap…