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Medium Hosta CultivarSeedling from H. Attractive mound of very thick blue-green foliage that is corrugated and crinkled.

Hosta List 2020

Hosta list 2015 Cultivar Size Price A A Many Splendid Thing 24″ 16 Abba Dabba Doo 24″ 24 Abiqua Blue Crinkles L 12 Abiqua Elephant Ear 30″ 20 Abiqua Moonbeam 20″ 8 Abiqua Recluse M 10 Abraham Lincoln 16″ 18 Adorable PPAF M 20 Adrians Glory 36″ 16 Alakazaam 7″ 18 Allen C. Haskell 18″ …

Hosta Blue Clown

Hosta Happiness: Intense blue leaves, a 'Tardiana', looks a lot like 'Halcyon', but is a bit larger.

Hosta Happiness

Hosta Happiness

Hosta High Tide plants are high and across. The blue green foliage has some cupping and corrugation, very wavy leaves highlight this hosta. Lavender flowers bloom on scapes late summer to fall. Hosta Plants, Plantain Lily, Plants, Lavender Flowers, Outdoor Landscaping, Blue Hosta, Shade Garden Plants, Foliage Plants, Types Of Hostas



Hosta Ah-ha-ha-bah: Round, corrugated blue leaves. A non-registered cultivar of Van Wade's "American Indian Series". Beautiful Flowers, Plants, Flowers, Hostas, Growing, Garden

Hosta Ah-ha-ha-bah

Hosta Ah-ha-ha-bah