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rogers-and-stark tardiscrash: “Are you sure this is how people dance now, Tony?” “Absolutely, now keep working the hips.”>>That comment XD IM DONE XD

Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter in William Inge’s play “Picnic” on Broadway

Dear lord, his smile could stop traffic! #buckybarnes #civilwar #sebastianstan

This isn't just Bucky. This is Bucky SMILING. This is Bucky SMILING at a JOKE Steve told him. This isn't just Bucky. This is happy Bucky, even if he is happy for only a few moments

Bucky (gif) I love this part u can tell he is so happy for Steve that he finally got in the Army and is doing what's right like he always wanted too.

Let's hear it for Captain America! this is kne of my fave scenes in the movie