Paulina Bednarz-Łuczewska

Paulina Bednarz-Łuczewska

Paulina Bednarz-Łuczewska
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Master of the Winking Eyes: Madonna and Child

"Master of the Winking Eye" - Madonna and Child by Ferrara ca. Mary exhibit during Lent 2015 at NMWA in Washington, DC.

Madonna of Loreto (Raphael) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Raffaello- La Madone de Lorette The Madonna of Loreto is a painting finished around by the Italian High Renaissance painter Raphael. It is housed in the Musée Condé of Chantilly, France

Quentin Metsys, aka Quinten Matsys or Massys (1466-1530) — The Virgin Enthroned, c.1520-1525 : Gemäldegalerie - Staatliche Museen,  Berlin.   Germany  (803×1255)

Virgin Enthroned, Quentin Massys (Belgian, from It's About Time (rare to see Madonna and Child have any demonstration of affection -- expand upon that concept with pose, gesture, etc. Use soft light and chiaroscuro)


Previous pinner: Peacock’s beautiful colors. Me: The color-tweakers are at it again. AND the people who have never seen a regular blue peacock or green peafowl and/or never paid attention and/or will believe any fool thing they see online.