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FIDM's Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition - Tyranny of Style

Nomad Elf Ears

Aradani Nomad Elf ears are the best elf ears for Dalish elves, Hyrulians, and Fey. The best elf ears on the planet.

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Right in time for the the Halloween season French dj and producer Stwo surprises his fans with his new single ‘Haunted‘. The song premiered on Apple Beats One with some exciting news .

maybe it's some weird dalish thing?

da:i + aesthetics // zathrian [oc] “ “There’s a ghost in my lungs and it sighs in my sleep, Wraps itself around my tongue as it softly speaks.

(open) Emma ran through the dirt, a giant cyclops behind her. It was swinging a large club wildly, and it caught her leg, knocking her down and causing it to gush blood immediately. The cyclops leaned over her and.