podoba mi się pomysł "wplecenia" logo w napis

Playful Lettering Alterations Transform Ordinary Words into Clever Illustrations

Ji Lee creates typographic illustrations that cleverly relate to the words themselves for his Word as Image series. Logos that involve words can often be playful with elements close to typographic, creating a new way to perceive the message.

dobry kierunek logo, inny kolor

Your logo/branding doesn't need to be complicated to be perfect - here is some inspiration from Marssaié - personal identity

świetna kolorystyka

Natural composition, combining warm and cool color. Joyful, fresh and harmonious. Bright orange wonderfully combined with turquoise and deep blue. Muted shade of peach and pale yellow palette balance. A suitable combination of colors for the decoration of

podoba mi się połączenie czcionek - prostej i zawijanej

Create a classic and sophisticated house logo for Maison Grise (Grey House) by…

najlepsze połączenie kolorystyczne

Colors have an immense effect on our moods and various colors create various moods. A better part of the people today prefer to employ these sorts of colors since they make the room appear calm and peaceful.

najlepsze zdjęcie, jakie znalazłam - podróż, wolność, przestrzeń ...

Saudi Camel's: beautiful from a distance. Camel train, on the border of Saudi Arabia and UAE border of Saudi Arabia and UAE

Merzouga, Morocco

it's not marrakech but a gorgeous sahara view - Merzouga - Marokko

Tassili N'ajjer, Algeria. "Open-air gallery of rock art from the time before the Sahara became a desert." - The Travel Book

Tassili N'ajjer, Illizi ... click to see full size!

Tassili n"Ajjer is a mountain range in the Sahara Desert - Algeria. Location of prehistoric cave art. Site has interesting photos of a trip to Algeria.

This is similar to what you did with the box. I like the feel of this, the whole image points to the same thing.

This logo template is the example of a minimal logo. Using the mountains in the logo was a nice touch on the companies name .

Najlepsze logo w swojej prostocie, pasuje w każdej kolorystyce i jest łatwe do narysowania, nawet przez dzieci. Kolorystyka jest ok, brakuje pomarańczy :)

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Mazen Consulting Branding on Behance Fivestar Branding – Design and Branding Agency & Inspiration Gallery

Letterhead Fonts / LHF Confection / Decorative Fonts

Nearly a year in production, Confection is a truly inspired and masterful work. Set includes 4 different versions designed to be used together. Each font includes bonus alternates. Try mixing the versions together to customize your design.

The Sahara Desert is a destination I wish to venture to


Beautiful Moroccan Sahara Desert // I just really want to go to Morocco right now. Sleeping in the Sahara would be so amazing.