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Wheelchair Accessible Kitchens - Photos

The Verti shelving lift system is a great way to make upper cabinets accessible for people in wheelchairs // Brilliant!

wheelchair surfing at a rock concert

"This fan got to experience something he never though was imaginable due to his disability. Kindness proved him wrong." 15 Heartfelt Photographs of Random Acts of Kindness

KEEP CALM IT'S JUST A WHEELCHAIR !! - Love this - I would love it on a t-shirt ;)

for all thos people that fave issues with my kid using a wheelchair and me being ok with it. KEEP CALM IT'S JUST A WHEELCHAIR !

#Wheelchairs of the Future | Roll-a-Ramp

Toyota i-Real ~ Wheelchairs of the Future as a 'Personal Mobility Concept' is it me or does this seem REEEALLY close to the chaos on Wall-e.

it's only a wheelchair ;)

Since becoming a quadriplegic three years ago, I have quickly learned that people don't know a whole lot about the disability community. Maybe even afraid of it.