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73 Beautiful Examples Of Scandinavian-Style Christmas Decorations 68-e1480279815942

An indoor winter wonderland Frosted Noel Christmas Tree. Branches sparkle with a touch of frost. A reindeer tree topper provides a personal touch. Frosty ornaments shimmer like icicles, while a faux fur tree skirt makes a cold day feel warm.

Love and Death by on @DeviantArt

a cover for a book coming soon from Dirk Manning and Devils Due. drawn by me, in pencil only on bristol board, then the levels were altered in photoshop. if you cant understand how you make pencil .

Alice in Wonderland - Inking by Vitali-Iakovlev on DeviantArt

Very interesting piece. I really had to think all the time about line weights and how to make each object clearly readable and stand out.