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pro ana tips and tricks for beginners - Google Search

26 Celebrities Who Have Had Eating Disorders

Karen Carpenter is a famous figure who died from anorexia at the age of 32. She helped to raise awareness of eating disorders after her tragically young death. Fans mourned the loss of her beautiful voice and wondered what would drive an individual to essentially kill herself. Karen Carpenter's death also caused many other stars to come forward and cite their own struggle with the disease and the pressure of living in the public eye.

Rock Stars With Kittens

The caption before this was "rock star with kitten." ...It's Kurt Cobain people...

Community Post: Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Fashion In One Infographic

Seriously if I could have a job where I could wear this outfit to work every day, I'd be in heaven. More

How a mama cat stops nightmares. So freaking precious, I'm gonna die.

The Best Funny Animal Memes This is so precious, Heather!! Looks like Gracie and a "friend" Luv y'all Aunt Nell & Uncle George