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Ripley's Aquarium of Canada: Tips for Your Visit

Check out the New Ripley's Aquarium in downtown toronto.

Opening this month say hello to Toronto's newest inhabitants at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. And be sure to check out the live touch tanks where you can get up close and personal with rays and sharks! (Photo by Ripley's Aquarium of Canada)

Ripley's Aquarium brings watery weirdness to Toronto

Opening of Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto

Red Lionfish

Red Lionfish at Toronto Aquarium

Adventure at the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

Checking out all the awesome creatures and characters you can find at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada!

Crazy looking fish at Toronto's newly opened Ripley Aquarium

Orange jellyfish (Chrysaora fuscescens or Pacific sea nettle) in blue ocean water


Picture of Colorful aquarium, showing different colorful fishes swimming stock photo, images and stock photography.

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