Basia Chmara

Basia Chmara

Basia Chmara
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El verano invisible Pilar López Báez

El verano invisible Pilar López Báez - multi layered surfaces exploring movement, using photographic sources transcribed onto pre-prepared ground, The figure plays between another that becomes part of the ground, creating a motion filled piece.

Street art - one day I will learn how to create something like with this pastels or paint....

Rain Reflections, Barcelona, Spain understanding: five of them tell the story is rainy night. the neon light is reflected and everything will be dim and dreamlike. the colours can be mixed naturally. lights are the important factor in this works.

Saatchi Online Artist: Mary Ann Wakeley; Mixed Media, 2013, Painting "Beach Days"

Beach Days American artist Mary Ann Wakeley describes painting as "a way of clearing my internal atmosphere of the daily dust that accumulates there". also, some nice sketchy portraits here too.