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a young man is posing for a black and white photo with his hair blowing in the wind
Timothée Chalamet- New Document Journal Cover
a person holding a book in their hands
timothée chalamet
a black and white photo of a woman in sequins on the cover of a magazine
Yessss timmy!!
a young man with curly hair wearing a white t - shirt and smiling at the camera
Sara Dobie Bauer
Zayn Malik, Hot Summer Nights, Leicester Square
a group of young men standing next to each other in front of a man wearing a blue shirt and red tie
a young man with curly hair wearing a blue flowered shirt and black pants, leaning on a chair
Timothée Chalamet Discussion/Tea Thread
a young man laying on top of a bed next to a window with his hand under his head
a young man sitting on top of a chair in front of a window with curtains
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