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there is a building that has two windows on each side and the words evergreen above it
ประตูไม้ หน้าต่าง ราคาโรงงาน - สมคิดค้าไม้ โรงงานผลิต-ขายส่ง ประตูไม้
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thiết kế nhà phố
a living room filled with furniture and a wooden table
arches, round openings + blank spaces form AD9 architects' vietnamese house
two people standing on the balcony of a building with brick walls and balconies
Housing | ArchDaily, page 7
a car parked in front of a building with plants growing on the balconies
Kiến Trúc Mới - Công ty thiết kế xây dựng uy tín hàng đầu VN
a white stucco house with cactus and succulents in the front yard at dusk
I'm Outside Looking In
a large white building with lots of windows and balconies on the top floor
Chiêm ngưỡng ngôi nhà 03 tầng với những đường nét kiến trúc độc đáo - M’s House
Menjadi luas dengan pintu lipat kaca. #pintulipatkaca #inspirasirumah #inspirasiruangan
Fachada branca
Fachada branca
Fachada branca
Imagem de estudo renderizada. Projeto: @cursoarqstudio
a small coffee shop with wooden doors and benches on the outside, surrounded by trees
Light Up Cafe - Coffee Shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand - brewstr
Gallery – Light Up Cafe – brewstr
an entrance to a house with red brick on the front and white walls, surrounded by greenery
Nhà ở Quảng Trị chống nóng và mưa kéo dài như thế nào?