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Basia Piotrowska
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Ditte Isager is a Danish photographer based in New York. Her aesthetic is distinctly Nordic, drawing influence from the lighting in the paintings of the Dutch masters. I was particularly drawn to t…

Czy wiesz, że stopy i ich dolegliwości mogą świadczyć o innych schorzeniach, zarówno fizycznych jak i psychicznych? Dbaj o swoje stopy i dowiedz się więcej!

Keep walking The Organs of your body have their sensory touches at the bottom of your foot, if you massage these points you will find relief from aches and pains as you can see the heart is on the left foot.

Model pose..

A nice sexy but not over the top boudoir photoshoot idea -Range Studio Shoot Ranging in Length and positioning. Colour or B&W roughly image into 1

Mike   Carly

Grey skies and torrential rain didn't dampen the romance and detailed thought that went into Mike's proposal to Carly, eventuating into a stunning engagement shoot.

With his touching series The Farm Family, Brooklyn-based photographer Rob MacInnis shoots barn animals in the style of fashion magazine spreads. Freeing the soulful creatures from the context of the lowly barnyard and challenging rituals of human consumption, he wittily and heartbreakingly captures sheep, cows, and goats in Annie Leibovitz-inspired portraits and panoramas. Staged between bales of hay and a snowy doorway resembling a dreamy film screen, the humble beasts find themselves…

Fantastic Portraits of Farm Animals “I take the conventions from the fashion world and apply them to the underclass barnyard animal,” Rob MacInnis told The New York Times. via My Modern Animals

Vogue, September 1, 1952

Model holding a newspaper, Wearing a Balenciaga double-breasted tweed suit with bow tied at neck Vogue, September 1952 Photo Frances McLaughlin-Gill Condé Nast Archive