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1 pin= 1 prayer!!!

You have my prayers Angel on Earth . I pray dear lord for the heenaling of your Earth angel. that she be healed in body mind and spirit Amen

Defeated by toast...

This is the whole musical of hamilton. If you have a hard time on history test, this picture describes the entire American Revolution

awww Raph

"This is how grown men fight." Uh, Raph, I think you're forgetting the /teenage/ part of TMNT.


With his insistent want to be a cool guy when he grows up, his brothers (Mikey) did their best to make him realize that they weren't gonna always let him keep that position

Time to bust the turtle move ! by on @deviantART

Since I saw the season final from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I just had to draw this XD The Turtles in the ending are. Time to bust the turtle move !

I love leo

Yuor not actually related so there's still a chance, cause I will kill the directors with the help of all Leo fans! Plus you didn't see each other for twenty years.