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Bartłomiej Lachendrowicz

Bartłomiej Lachendrowicz
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Heineken, Not sure if this is a real vintage poster or a comic photoshop!

Patriotic Heineken Beer Poster from World War text at the poster top reads “Screw Battle! We’re Gettin’ Drunk”, the fantastic painting by Frederic Stanley shows soldiers passing wooden Heineken Beer crates as artillery pieces fire in the background.

HEINEKEN | RETOUCH by Stephen MacLeod, via Behance

One of our most well known exports and is Heineken. This beer which dates back to the century is the most popular beer in Holland though there are many regions that prefer local beers. In Eindhoven for example the most popular beer is Bavaria.

Oh the good old days when Nascar was stock car racing...

Program for the 1977 NAPA 400 at Riverside Raceway

old formula 1 posters - Pesquisa Google

Monaco is close, peeps! So here are a few Monaco Grand Prix posters for your pleasure, sadly in low resolution. The 1967 poster hangs proudly on my bedroom wall, I’m eager to get my hands on a few more. I need a bigger apartment though :)