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winter outfit w/ brown sports coat w/ blue checks, blue flannel tie, striped shirt, blue cardigan

Now here is some really beautiful creativity in menswear. I love the way the blue and white stripe shirt bring out the pattern in the blazer, and the browns will not overpower the outfit, since the pants are much lighter.

The shirt color is off for a T3, but the coat and vest.... copper on moss is just... be still my beating heart.

Love the jacket and vest. The tie is a bit weak for this look. However still one of the best additions this fall season is the 16 gauge cashmere or cashmere blend sweater vest.

Wear tweed everyday. | Downton Abbey, as seen on Masterpiece PBS

♔ A beautiful Tweed suit with white tie, handkerchief, and dark tie. I would have personally used a different color tie and shirt to bring out the blend of tweed in the suit.