"I work alone..." But Bruce, a Bat needs his birds (and Butler)

"I work alone..."

Batman works alone. Don't mind Dick and Jason and Tim and Damian and Babs and Jim Gordon and Alfred and Lucius Fox and Luke Fox and Stephanie and Cass and Selina and Kate Kane.

The Avengers vs. The Justice League. Some of these are debatable (and depend on the writers), and DC needs to get their act together, but I'm still a DC girl all the way.

TheRetroInc on Etsy

The Avengers vs. The Justice League. Marvel still makes better movies, but I still love young justice. I like marvel better still.

Deathstroke Poster with Eye by MessyPandas on DeviantArt

batmannotes: “ Batman Solo Movie Poster (Deathstroke themed) by Messy Pandas ”

Mad Max: Fury Road - I sat through it and when I got to the end I simply said "Again, please".

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Art Book and Comic Cover Art

Evolution of the Batmobile

Evolution of the Batmobile

Evolution of the Batmobile -- I have always loved the original 66 for the fact that it would be the easiest to fix/replace. Throw a diesel in for even simpler operation. But that would not sell tickets.

But BATMAN and the linework is amazing! one day my comics will look like this - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

league-of-extraordinarycomics: “Infinity War by TheKnott Tarasilp ”

The Evolution of WOLVERINE Infographic — GeekTyrant

The Evolution of WOLVERINE

The Evolution of Wolverine. This infographic shows the Wolverine Costume History from day one of this Marvel Superheroes debut to present day.