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How stunning is this bathroom! Designed by @bharchitects
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Bar Stool Buying Guide. (scheduled via
Bathrooms pack in more functionality than any other room in the house. With scant space to hide mistakes, though, even tiny miscalculations can create big problems. For maximum comfort, convenience, and utility, keep these magic numbers in mind. | Illustration: Arthur Mount |
Bathroom , Key to Get Bathroom dimension Guide : Toilet Dimension Guide Layout
Gray and White Bedroom with Tufted Headboard and Chunky Throw Blanket
Black, white and every shade in between! Very cool bedroom by Sneller Custom.
This funky, enameled oversized desk-style lamp will provide additional source of light and add interest to any space. If you are looking for original, eye-catching statement piece to complete the look of your living room this extra large floor lamp is a perfect choice.
i think this is the right one! the sofa in this pic is fantastic because its down the middle of the room!