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Bartek Janczewski

Bartek Janczewski
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Glock Comparison Chart

Glock Pistol Models - Here's a Chart to Tell Them Apart! I don't use glock but a good guide.


Suppressors - this would save my ears hunting, at the range or in my house agsinstvan intruder

.410 shot shells comparison  There are lots of options out there, know what you're getting. Bird shot is a great way to bring in small game.

“ Gauge Rather small shotgun shells but they’re decent for bird hunting and getting rid of nuisances while out hiking and camping, such as snakes. Arguably the most common firearms using this caliber are the Taurus Judge, the Saiga 410 and now.

How to tell apart the AK's

I stumbled across this infographic on AKs this morning. It shows the defining details of the various AKs and how to tell them apart.

NFA_Pistol_AOW_SBR.jpg (1930×4340)

This infographic shows different variations of an XCR with a barrel to illustrate how the ATF implements the National Firearms Act of 1934 to define a pistol vs. a PDW, AOW, and SBR.