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VEU : Individual Electric Vehicle That Can Be Transformed Into a Trolley in Seconds

The name of VEU stands for Vehiculo Electrico Unipersonal or in English Individual Electric Vehicle. As you probably can guess, the main objective of this bike

mark foster gage conceives ornate sculptural skyscraper for midtown manhattan

Stunning plans for this futuristic sculptural skyscraper in 41 West Street, New York City, Midtown Manhattan with views of Central Park.The residential skyscraper in 41 West Street, designed by

the hull of blue martin's evo 43 speedboat expands in size with push of a button

This Shape-Shifting Evo 43 Yacht is Simply Stunning

Aston Martin Luxury Yacht

Dutch Firm Quintessence Yacht creates a partnership with Aston Martin to develop a boat with the name of the prestigious automobile brand, the

Real Constructible Rides

Building games are a part of childhood. On this principe, Infento enables, through three kits, to build with your child, many type of rides that will enable him