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proud of his company (quote) The Macintosh - the first to bear the name - turns 25 on 24 January. The machine debuted in 1984 and kicked off a product line that were Apple's flagship computers for many years. The Macintosh helped popularize the

Grande foto de Jobs. Uma de minhas preferidas.

Just me, Steve Jobs and former Intel executive John Doerr alone in a public garden (Elizabeth Gamble Gardens) near Jobs' house. It was a total coincidence that he was there, and I took the opportunity to capture the moment. Ryan Katsanes on - Oct 2007

Steve Jobs 史蒂夫 乔布斯

“I’m the only person I know that’s lost a quarter of a billion dollars in one year… It’s very character building” Steve Jobs

Red Herring

I know I'm not gonna see this headline again but. a girl can dream.