Bart Wroblewski

Bart Wroblewski

Bart Wroblewski
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Łazienka styl Eklektyczny - zdjęcie od Interiology - Łazienka - Styl Eklektyczny - Interiology

Colour (not the beastie)

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Zombie Tools line of weapons. For my Ninja Pirate I want something like a mix between their D'Captain Saber and the Reaver Cleaver with a Japanese styled grip, hamon line, and possibly some designs on the flat of the blade.

Barn converted into a house

Resembling the classic farmstead outbuilding on the outside, The Barn uses a mix of rustic finishes and modern updates for a one-of-a-kind guesthouse. (How To Build A Shed With A Loft)

Equus Bass 770

Sick Roller Of The Equus Bass not a mustang but still a wicked looking car!