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AQUARIUS ClassicAquarius INTELLIGENCE #ClassicAquarius Aquarians Are One of the Most Intelligent Star Signs With a Natural Intelligence That Just Can't Be Taught They Are Much More Than 'Book Smart but 'Street Smart' Too You Will Know an Aquarian by Their Love of Debates and Their Need to Guestion Everything & Everyone They Have an Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge and Learnin an Aquarians Intelligence Is Often Hidden Behind Their Outward Personality With Many People Often Being Surprised by Their Wide Range of Knowledge an Aquarians Mind Is Capable of Holding Unimaginable Amounts of Trivia and Facts in Addition Aquarians Are Known as the Guru the Wise One' in Their Social Groups Often Using Their Knowledge to Help & Support Others Finally Think Carefully Before You Take on an Aquarian They Can Easily Outwit and Run Rings Around Anyone They Come Up Against 💯 Aquarius ♒ | Meme on ME.ME
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