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My IKEA Billy bookshelf hack was fun but really wasnt reflecting the victorian gothic style I love 🖤 watch the full makeover on my youtube channel @ diydanie
a white sink sitting under a bathroom mirror next to a wall with mirrors on it
The Cheap Thrift Store Find That’ll Solve Your Blank Wall Woes
an open brown suitcase sitting on top of a table
13 clevere Ideen, um Ihr Zuhause mit Vintage-Koffern zu dekorieren
a toilet paper dispenser mounted to a wooden wall
Mark Haylett
(97) Steampunk Tendencies - toilet roll holder
two white towels with black and white designs on them, one has a skeleton in the middle
Sourpuss Zombie Cameo Tea Towel Set Sourpuss…
two towels with skulls on them and a pink tag
an ornate wooden box sitting on top of a green mat covered in metal rivets
Steampunk drawer chest by Stewart at www.Stewdio61.com
an old dresser with metal drawers and baskets
industrial chic - love
the drawers are labeled with different types of file cabinets
File Cabinet Update
File Cabinet Makeover~ LOVE this idea!! Genius! (Awesome tutorial) via While They Snooze
the diy picture frame without sawing or cutting is an easy and cheap project
Easy DIY Picture Frame You Can Make WITHOUT Power Tools
THIS IS BRILLIANT! Come learn how to make a DIY picture frame any size you need WITHOUT ANY POWER TOOLS! No sawing or cutting required! Best hack ever. Full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.
a large kitchen with black cabinets and wooden floors
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steampunk kitchen!!!
three pieces of cardboard with white paint on them sitting on a wooden floor next to a wall
Steampunk Room Progress! Stained Glass, Airships, & Victorian Window Cornices
EPBOT: Steampunk Room Progress! Stained Glass, Airships, & Victorian Window Cornices
a brick wall with a painting on it
Never Buy Custom Mats Again!
EPBOT: Never Buy Custom Mats Again! Custom fabric mats and resizing frames.