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42 Little Things You Can Do Today to Find Your Passion Levo League homepage, side hustle, self discovery, find your passion, careeradvice

How to Determine What Your Dream Job Is

How to Determine Your Dream Job. Tips on how to find happiness in your career + find your purpose and passion. Includes a video challenge, five actionable tips, and a free printable planner.

You may feel young and immortal, but you won’t be by the time you’re in your 30s and feeling over the hill. Taking a few important, but relatively easy steps now can really make a difference in setting you up for future success. Pay yourself forward.

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Before you roll your sleeves – remember to undo the buttons on the cuff and gauntlet of your shirt.

There's a serious contradiction of intention when a man rolls up his shirt sleeves. Is he getting ready to fight? Or is he relaxing at the end of a hard day? Or is he getting serious and down to business? is he just cooling off?