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Monika Brzóska

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Raw/ Vegan Spinach Manicotti with Tomato Sauce - Raw Food Rehab

Raw Vegan Phở With Hoisin Sauce | This Rawsome Vegan Life | #recipe #raw #vegan

Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup

Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup. Healthy, delicious, simple, packed with extra veggie goodness & ready in under 1 hour. This oil-free recipe is bursting with flavor and leaves plenty of leftovers. *** Made as directed (but used a whole lime), one batch. Made more than enough for left overs. Leave it on the chunkier side, add more peppers, w/ extra lime wedges on the side, extra cilantro, avocado, & HM baked corn chips***)

Raw Vegan Nutella Cupcakes

Raw Vegan Nutella Cupcakes-These combine chocolate and hazelnuts with good-for-you ingredients! Rich, creamy, DELICIOUS!!

Banana Cinnamon Rolls

Banana Cinnamon Rolls Without a Dehydrator | Vegan & Only 3 ingredients!

Raw Nutella Milk

Raw Paleo Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Milk #DateSweetened

RAW california rolls. This is a great grain free idea. I'd have to use a lot of hot sauce to cover up the seaweed flavor.

RAW Vegan Brownies (They're Paleo, too!)

Stupid-Easy RAW VEGAN BROWNIES, Y'all!

This recipe for zucchini pasta is so easy. Just a few ingredients, low calorie, and it's ready in 10 minutes. Summer favorite! I'm obsessed with the curry sauce.

Cucumber and Avocado Quick Nori Roll

Maki-style nori roll, super easy to assemble, and a great home for all kinds of ingredients. The perfect quick grain-free lunch!