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Barbara Bartczak
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High Context vs. Low Context Communication

In today's business relations, it's a small world after all. As more companies turn towards global markets, professionals are finding themselves in foreign locales, wheeling and dealing like never before. However, the key to effective communication.

Let us not forget the ubiquitous yoga fart at this moment, also.

Hello, This yoga video is a hardcore yoga session that is guranteed to lean out your physique.

right on kitty... right on!

Pilates- Lol pretty much how I looked tonigth after that Pilates workout oohhh that move pretzel twist ohhh boy ohh boy you talking about burning booty ok go do Pilates x it will impress you it hurts sooo good.

First time doing yoga.

Funny pictures about First time doing yoga really confused me. Oh, and cool pics about First time doing yoga really confused me. Also, First time doing yoga really confused me.

Meditation Cartoon

I realize I've been at it for only five minutes, but meditation isn't bringing me the peace of mind I was promised.

This happens! So, I just refocus on my breathing.

Zen humor the challenge of meditation funny by MakinoStudios Such a me thing to say!

Training the Brain to Listen: A Practical Strategy for Student Learning and Classroom Management

Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers, brain-based teaching program developers and authors, explain how the brain processes auditory information and introduce the HEAR strategy as a way to help students develop their listening skills.