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blue flowers with green leaves and stems on a white background, from the natural history of plants
The Antiquarium - Antique Print & Map Gallery - Elizabeth Blackwell - Vinca Pervinca Daphnoides Hand-colored copperplate engraving
an antique print of flowers with leaves and stems in red, orange, yellow and pink colors
flowers-00180 - 69-Dianthus armeria. Lychnis diurna. Cerastium arvense. Arenaria marina. Dianthus caryophyllus. Lychnis Bungeana. Agrostemma coronaria. Silene acaulis. Stellaria media. Mollugo gli
the british wild flowers are shown in this antique print, which depicts different types of flowers
Antique Botanical Print British Wild Flowers Bookplate, Vintage Botanical Flowers Bookplate Art Print, Red Poppy Fruits Wall Print Wall Art - Etsy