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Awhile back, as I walked in the door when returning from a trip down to the tennis courts, I was hit with with a waft of cinnamon. Yet not just any cinnamon, but sweet, maple cinnamon, as my mothe…

Autoimmune Protocol Flatbread, Pizza Crust and tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp water cup arrowroot flour cup coconut four tsp baking soda tsp salt 1 tsp lemon juice 1 gelatin egg substitute (see below)

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I think one of the most frightening parts of a healing protocol is the time in the kitchen. I know before I went gluten free and then paleo, the recipes really intimidated me. It seemed like everything needed a million ingredients and a lot of different steps. My days of …

Egg-free and nut-free Plantain English Muffins! Easy to make and perfect for a quick breakfast, in this Paleo Parents guest post from Paleo in a Pinch!

Autoimmune paleo hamburger buns | Empowered Sustenance

Back Exercises

Pomegranate Orange Glazed Salmon

Sweet and moist with a delicate crunchy bite that will satisfy those avid coconut lovers.