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Bjorn Typeface

Bjorn is a sans serif display typeface with sharp corners. It& a very versatile typeface that works great in large and small sizes, tight and wide spacing.

Avant Garde type specimen by Tyla Conerly

Light black background with a green-yellow font makes for a very appealing color combination. There is also very good kerning and tacking, with a variation with the G and the A as well.

futura type specimen poster - Google Search

A very nice organization and grid type format that we see here for this typeface. The simple organized layout allows for an easy view and the extended lines from the letters create a sense of organization and order.

Designer (unknown) | #advertising | The design was posted on | I am drawn to this poster because of the creatively compiled "A."  I enjoy how the "A" is produced from bits and parts of other Avenir letters.  The color is aesthetically pleasing.  #colorfultypography

I have an affinity for colorful things on a black ground. But beyond this, this type specimen poster is very simple.

Favorite fonts for print design. GD USA Blog

Top 12 Favorite Fonts for Print Design. GDUSA recently conducted our Anniversary Print Survey. The results will be in print and online shortly but here is a sneak peek at the Top 12 Favorite Fonts for Print Design.