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Natalia Bamber-Laskowska

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Natalia Bamber-Laskowska
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Kibbe heights, yin to yang, Soft Naturals are on average 5'5", Flamboyant Naturals are much taller, on average 5'8"

Kibbe heights, yin to yang. Soft Naturals (YinN) are on average Flamboyant Naturals (YangN) are much taller: on average

Типажи по Киббе: от линий к образам

I mapped out the kibbe types into a mathematical graph. The two axes are the shape of the features, and the size of the features. I included the four foundatio.

1 john 2:3-4 - Google Search

This is a page from The Color Connection by Joan Callaway. It's not parallel to Kibbe types, but it's of interest because Kibbe types can *tend* to be linked to some seasons more than others.

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Body Shapes Explained - V shape (Inverted Triangle). Most of her advice on dressing an inverted triangle shape has been true for me, although I do like to emphasize my broader shoulders.

How to Dress the V shape body. Keep detail and horizontal lines away from the shoulders and wear them on the hips instead. (Wider shoulders than hips. Inverted triangle, Strawberry, Wedge body type.)

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress V Shape Bodies - Inside Out Style