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a black and white photo of a man sitting on top of a motorcycle next to a car
Fuck Yeah, Drag Racing!
a woman standing next to a car on top of a track with other cars in the background
Vintage trophy girl photos
two men standing next to an old red race car with four engines on the front
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a drawing of a motorcycle engine with the front end cut out to look like it is going
Secrets of the Buick Nailhead V8
Secrets of the Buick Nailhead V8 | Mac's Motor City Garage
The C10 was originally purchased in the spring of 2014 for the paltry sum of $1,200. Two and a half years and a good six figures worth of sweat, blood, grease, metal shavings, bruised knuckles and capital outlay, it was finally transformed into what the builders affectionately call “Demon Smurf.” In addition to racing, it was also carefully put together to serve as an exhibition piece for Performance Authority and Diamond Eye Performance in the Diamond Eye booth at SEMA 2016. Chevy 4x4, Ford, Diesel Engine, Chevy, Duramax Diesel, 4x4 Trucks, Diesel Vintage, Vehicles
an orange and white car parked in front of a building
Strange Bird Blown Nailhead Falcon Gasser by Chuckles Garage 12
"Strange Bird" Falcon Gasser. I pin few fords, because they suck, but my ol'man had a falcon.
an old muscle car parked in a parking lot with people standing around and looking at it
Drop Anchors
Super Bee
an old photo of a drag car with flames coming out of it
Search: garlits
Big Daddy Don Garlits doing a fire burn-out
black and white photograph of two men working on a motorcycle
Vintage shots from days gone by!
Connie Kalitta (standing with coat) and Don Garlits (kneeling)
an old tin can sitting on top of a shelf
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I love the smell of nitro in the morning
an old car with flames coming out of it
a black and white truck parked in front of a building next to a white car
Steve Carpenter's Galpin Gasser
old ford gassers | Gasser Madness ~ Steve Carpenter's Galpin Gasser
a car that is upside down in the air with it's front end ripped off
Funny Car Explosion!